A picture is worth a thousand words.
We created this gallery to show our commitment to high quality dentistry.

Gallery of All-On-4

Case 1

Patient initially came for his imbalance bite due to multiple missing back teeth. On top of that, he is grinding severely at night. He had his remaining teeth build-up with resin and was going to replace missing teeth with implants. A night splint was prescribed as well. Unfortunately, some of the build up was broken before implants placement (as shown in first picture). He preferred to have a more permanent and cost-effective solution. We did upper and lower all-on-4 (a fixed bridge supported by 4 implants) to fix his problem.

Case 2

Patient was unhappy about her discoloured and worn teeth. After several discussion, patient opted to have upper all-on-4.

Case 3

Over the years, patient had suffered from an imbalance bite due to severely worn teeth and multiple missing teeth. He had upper all-on-4 to fix his problem.

Case 4

Patient could not tolerate her lower full denture and was hoping to have something that would not move. We placed 5 implants and a fixed lower bridge for her.