Are you seeking an expert team to assist with a fixed full-arch oral restoration? All-on-4 surgery may be just the answer for you!


With over 17 years’ industry experience in providing paramount implant solutions, Immediate Tooth Implants is the name you can rely on for permanent oral restorative solutions and quality service.


All-on-4 treatment is a modern concept that has revolutionised the dentistry industry and restorative oral surgery. As part of the treatment, the entire arch of teeth is replaced with a bridge, which is supported on four dental implants. The back implants are titled at a 45° angle to overcome bone deficiencies and the requirement for bone grafting.

All-on-4 treatment has become an increasingly popular choice for patients wanting fixed full-arch restoration in a prompt manner. In addition to this unique treatment being more cost-efficient in the long run, All-on-4 boasts an array of benefits, including:


  • Complete arch rehabilitation on only four implants
  • Instant solution and immediate function – Shortened treatment duration
  • Graftless procedure – No bone grafting required due to utilising available bone through tilting the posterior implants at a 45 degree angle.
  • Improved appearance and function of teeth
  • Easy to clean
  • Cheaper to maintain

Immediate Tooth Implants work closely with Werner Sauer Oral Design, who is a boutique local laboratory in Brisbane, specialising in complex implant supported rehabilitation and digital smile design. Werner will discuss the shape and colour to optimise your smile make-over.

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Both of these patients had all-on-4.
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